New Fetal Heart Monitors for SRH
RNs Irina, Judith, Roleta and Paula are among the staff who are appreciative of the new fetal heart monitors purchased for the Maternal and Newborn Program.

Scarborough and Rouge Hospital’s Maternal Newborn and Child Care Program now have new equipment to support the best care for mothers and babies with the arrival of new fetal heart monitors this fall.

Staff at both the Birchmount and General sites have been using the equipment since it arrived a short time ago and are pleased to have received support with the purchase of the monitors.  Medical staff use these machines for many mothers in labour, and say having state-of-the-art monitors makes caring for our patients so much easier and effective.

Electronic fetal heart monitoring is performed during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. It keeps track of the heart rate of the baby and it also checks the duration of the contractions of the uterus. A baby’s heart rate is a good way to tell if the baby is doing well or if there are potential complications.

Sensors are connected to a machine that records a baby’s heartbeat and may be heard as a beeping sound or printed out on a chart.

For more on the Scarborough and Rouge Hospital’s Maternal Newborn and Child Care Program, learn more for Centenary here, or Birchmount and General, here.