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The experiences and relationships that people have with The Scarborough Hospital can be memorable and life-changing. Has someone at the hospital made a difference to you or someone you care about? Share your story with us, and help inspire others.

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Donor Stories

Candy Man Leaves a Sweet Legacy

TSH remembers dedicated volunteer and philanthropist, Harv Northern

They called 89-year-old Harvey (Harv) Northern the Candy Man. For 25 years he volunteered twice a week, in The Scarborough Hospital’s admitting department. Harv always had a pocketful of candies, and enjoyed


Giving Back to Help Others

Greer and Hilda’s donations will help Scarborough families for years to come

When Greer Elcombe and Hilda Simon-Elcombe think about what The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) means to them, they think in life cycles. Both Greer and Hilda have spent almost all of their adult lives in Scarborough.


Giving Back After an Emergency

A doctor’s quick diagnosis put Celine on the mend, now she shows her gratitude through philanthropy.

The pain in Celine’s side was getting worse. And, she had had a high fever for over a week. She had been to the Scarborough Hospital’s Emergency


Council Is Now In Session and Supporting TSH is the First Order of Business

New philanthropic councils raise Scarborough’s philanthropic spirit.

Strong communities build strong hospitals. But what makes a strong community? It’s all about people. When people from all backgrounds get involved in a cause they care about, positive change happens.


Gift Challenge Highlights Doctor’s Desire to Give Back to Her Hospital

Dr. Georgina Wilcock, Co-Medical Director of Obstetrics at The Scarborough Hospital, views it as her duty to give back and feels that those who work at the hospital should think about supporting it. She has done this for years with regular contributions. When people show her kindness, she often gives a gift to the hospital in their honour


Doctor’s Gift Shows Vision For the Future

Dr. Harold Stein was the Chief of Ophthalmology at The Scarborough Hospital for 35 years. Though he’s retired now at 84, Dr. Stein remains deeply committed to the hospital. There’s a personal connection as well; his son, Dr. Raymond Stein, is the hospital’s current Division Head of Ophthalmology.


Maddie’s Ties That Bind

Last summer, 11-year-old Maddie Clarke decided to make cord bracelets and sell them for five dollars each to raise money for charity. Soon enough, through family and friends, Maddie had $220 and decided to donate it all to The Scarborough Hospital. Maddie’s family has a long history with The Scarborough Hospital.


Violet’s Legacy Lives On

Violet Arnott was still pulling weeds from her garden and driving her car six months before she died at age 93 in February 2012. For more than 20 years, Violet donated to The Scarborough Hospital as an annual donor and attended Foundation events every year. Upon her passing, Violet left the Foundation a generous $120,000 gift in her Will.


Community Organization Gives Back to Their Community Hospital

The Annual Charity Walk-A-Thon organized by the Canadian Tamils’ Chamber of Commerce (CTCC) demonstrates the Tamil community’s generous spirit. Since its inception in 1999, the walk brings people of all ages from all different backgrounds and professions together for a day of fun in support of a great cause—The Scarborough Hospital.


Donor Shows Support Monthly

Since emigrating from Guyana 40 years ago, David Peters has lived all but six years in Scarborough. He and his wife Lilouti were once neighbours to the hospital’s General campus. Lilouti has had three procedures there, and David was treated for blocked arteries. His cardiologist works at the hospital, and he goes there every six months


Donation Says Thank You to Special Doctor

As a retired teacher, Mary Marchut knows the power of praise and acknowledgement. She used to practice that with her students: “People glow when you tell them something positive.” That same idea applies when it comes to making donations in somebody’s honour. “It’s a way of showing appreciation, and it makes that person’s day,” she says.


Fidani Family Donates $1 Million

Philanthropy has long been a priority for the Fidani family. With their one million dollar donation towards a new digital mammography machine, the wound centre renovation and priority equipment, The Scarborough Hospital is now a part of this legacy of giving. Through its Fidani Foundation, which is a private family foundation associated with Orlando


Giving Back – A Family Affair

For Ewa and Paulina Szlachta, The Scarborough Hospital isn’t just where they work, it’s part of their community. That’s why the mother and daughter contribute regularly to The Scarborough Hospital Foundation. “It feels important to give back because it’s our community hospital,” says Paulina. She started working for the Foundation in January 2012,


Tree of Life Roots Dig Deep in Scarborough

The roots of the annual Tree of Life fundraiser by Scarborough area Shoppers Drug Marts are spreading, thanks to the tenacity of Kim Huynh, pharmacist/owner of the franchise at Warden and Steeles. “I explored different charities before settling on The Scarborough Hospital Foundation three years ago because I knew the funds we raised were


Retired Staffer Gives Back

Anne Slover-Cheesman always knew she’d make a donation to The Scarborough Hospital Foundation when she had the means and that day finally came in December 2012. The Charge Technologist retired from TSH in 2007 and has kept busy as a consultant and speaker on breast health, and regularly returns to visit the Breast Clinic at the


Proudly Giving Back to Their Community Hospital

The Sri Varasiththi Vinaayagar Hindu Temple of Toronto stepped up to help The Scarborough Hospital Foundation with their MRI Campaign. “We believe hospitals are an important part of our lives,” says Jayanantha Thiyagarajah, Director of the Sri Varasiththi Vinaayager Temple. “When we found out that there was a fundraising campaign


Long Time Scarborough Business Donates to MRI Campaign

Concern for its employees’ access to timely medical tests led local Scarborough company Scepter Corporation to donate $100,000 to The Scarborough Hospital Foundation’s MRI Campaign. “Most of our employees live in Scarborough, and we thought it was a fitting thing to do,” explains Robert Torokvei, President of Scepter Corp., which designs