Help Our Staff To Work Best For You


Our staff are dedicated to your care!

On September 29, doctors, patients, nurses and staff members from all three sites of Scarborough and Rouge Hospital, Birchmount, General and Centenary, came together to race in the annual Brave T.O. obstacle course. While most runners were racing to beat the best, our hospital staff had a different goal in mind – to help Score for Their Floor!

While most runners were there to support the hospital while experiencing the challenges of our brave first responders, SRH staff had a different goal – to help Score for Their Floor! Not only do our hospital staff know how to provide the best care for each unique patient, they know better than anyone what equipment is needed to do so.

But the need continues! SRH staff need your help to fundraise for much-needed equipment upgrades – resources that are absolutely critical to their everyday work and the health of our patients.

Let’s face it – medical equipment is expensive. This is where the power of our community comes in: each and every person has the power to make a huge difference! Please join our staff in the effort to raise thousands of dollars for their departments!

Please visit the department you wish to support by clicking on their title:

How to Donate:
1. Follow the links above to make a safe and secure online donation, or;
2. Please find a brochure on any of these floors and submit with your donation to one of the Foundation offices:
a. At General – located in the Medical Mall, Suite 108
b. At Centenary – located in the main lobby
c. At Birchmount – drop off at information addressed “Attention: SRH Foundation”

For more information, please contact Tasnuva Ahmed at or 416-281-7462.